Cat Bones in the Flower Beds

this feels good

::::New Video Poem::::

Text originally published by Harmonium Press. Sounds and images made for a performance at the Emerald Tablet last spring.

On Multiple Orgasms

what green comes slow

comes gold comes easy

up the stairs finds

a painting in the room

where he sleeps

sings the last two

lines of a pyramid

picasso’s hands pulled

ripe into the air

^:^:^Word World Reading^:^:^


Almost a year old!! Finally digging this up.

Thesis Reading from April 18th 2014 complete with awkward thank yous and a bad ass introduction poem by Dustin Senovic

I like how the recording looks like a PBS after school special

Poem Muzik

I started to record some of the poems from listening Hour. Here is the first collage. listening hour pic

Listening Hour

This is exciting!! Projections from my thesis project paired with a warped and tweaked live recording of a reading I did last tuesday with Maggie Philipsborn at the Alexiteric Tea Clinic in Oakland!! Maggie was playing the hang and halo, I was reading. I love the idea of this being another way to access the poems in Listening Hour (a book length project of poems I am working on). To me, this combination of moving image/color/and sound are where the poems live/come from/shape shift into.


It’s been a minute.

Let the experiments/process continue.

Going to post some projects I have floating around that need homes.

It feels nice to have them all in one place.

This is what I’ve been up to:)

Dress at the teen shop

Period Sound Art

Blind Spots

Bible Stories

These were mostly made to teach myself how to use recording devices and sound editing programs. But I feel very strongly about the second piece. I used an avatar voice engine to translate several poems I wrote about the annunciation into arabic. What a crazy story that needs to be re-told! Real talk! The next step to this project will involve feeding the translations back into the engine using another language, eventually looping back to english to see how the story/sounds change over time. I like thinking of the trillions of layers of translation that saturate nearly every story/myth humans hold onto. Every single word/image we hold sacred/attach meaning/believe to be true is just a translation of another word/image. This spiral baffles me. Even sound and color are translated!! It makes me crazy to think about.

Poems for Mt. Eerie

I’m really digging ghost collaborations. I like the idea of collaborating with artists whenever and however you like, even without them knowing. This makes me feel like the lines between the dream worlds and waking worlds are thin, malleable, accessible. The art created in this strange, generative sphere, echo this in-between realm, the half dream. The dream dream. I like thinking about this so much. For this project,  I used an incredible, non narrative book of photography by Phil Elvrum as a backdrop for my writing. I wanted to insert something very personal, and narrative into the images, a version of a story. I cut up lyrics from the entire album, CLEAR MOON, to construct my own, personal poem, one that feels eerie and honest. My dream was for the ghosts in my writing to connect to the ghosts in each image.

These stills are from a live video project I did a few weeks ago to culminate this version of the collaboration. The images were projected, and I improvised flipping the pages, finding the “right place” for the text. There was also a sound component. Waves and walking through the redwoods and beaches of the pacific northwest.


IMG_0110 IMG_0111 IMG_0112    IMG_0113IMG_0115IMG_0117 IMG_0118IMG_0120IMG_0116  IMG_0121 IMG_0122 IMG_0123 IMG_0124 IMG_0127 IMG_0130 IMG_0134 IMG_0136 IMG_0137 IMG_0138 IMG_0140 IMG_0141 IMG_0142 IMG_0143 IMG_0146 IMG_0147 IMG_0148 IMG_0150 IMG_0153 IMG_0155 IMG_0157 IMG_0158 IMG_0159 IMG_0160 IMG_0161 IMG_0162 IMG_0164 IMG_0168 IMG_0169 IMG_0170 IMG_0172 IMG_0173 IMG_0176 IMG_0181 IMG_0182 IMG_0184 IMG_0186 IMG_0187 IMG_0198 IMG_0200 IMG_0207 IMG_0209 IMG_0212 IMG_0213 IMG_0214

Angel Island

Here is a video from Sweet Ghost’s release party at the Rickshaw Stop.  “When Angel Island Caught on Fire”, and portions of “Bury My Heart” were captured by Last Wave Film.