Don’t You Know Someone

by nmtoomey

A couple weeks ago, I purchased a flex-a-tone. I love it so much, and vow to record weird sound poems with it, forever. Three strange wind chimes/bells also surfaced in the house. They are from France, and are rocking my world. This is a video poem, showcasing these new awesome sounds. The images are from the living room, the text is the last line to a poem, “To Leo, on his Lunch Break,” which is featured in my forthcoming chapbook, Brave, Wicked Sailboat.  “To Leo…” is a separate poem, having little contextually to do with this video. I like to think of the two pieces flowing into each other. The last line of “To Leo…” becoming the first line of this new poem. A sort of call and response.


To Leo, on his Lunch Break


Old man, in your powder blue suit,

I adore you. Eat your eggs

and think about the Dodgers.

Save your orange for last

and watch the trains go by.

You have a book about birds

your name’s Leo.

Let me think about you

at the ocean. Let me think about you

with an old friend,

with a lightning bug,

with a woman wearing panty hose

and red hair.

Let me call the woman Helen.

Come here Helen.

Tell me not to be so sad,

to see you eating alone.

This is a diner, remind me.

People eat alone here.

Everyone is alone, even you.

And aren’t you a little happy?

Don’t you know someone

who can make you twist and glow?