A (sweet) Ghost is Born

by nmtoomey

On July 25th, my new chapbook, Sweet Ghost, was officially released. WOW. The release date culminated with a reading and magic showcase of some of my favorite musicians/human beings. The evening also marked the release of Annie Girl and The Flight’s new self titled album. Annie Girl is making some of the most honest, important, heart charged music that there is, it would be smart to listen.

For the last year or so, I’ve been collecting images and sounds that I’ve felt best communicate the heart of the poems in Sweet Ghost. Four years ago, I was gifted a tin box of 8mm film strips that my mother and father shot in the ’70s. Most of the footage is of our family. Birthdays, Christmas, playing in the yard. I was 0-3 years old during the production of these films. The color, grain, and strange rituals documented, woke up a series of literal and metaphorical ghosts/memories for me. By weaving the images of these film strips with images and sounds that I have created, I tried to construct an alter, a spell, a re-creation of memories real or imagined.

The video here is a portion of what I projected/used as a backdrop/sound collage for the inaugural reading of Sweet Ghost.

Sweet Ghost Projections