by nmtoomey

It’s been a minute.

Let the experiments/process continue.

Going to post some projects I have floating around that need homes.

It feels nice to have them all in one place.

This is what I’ve been up to:)

Dress at the teen shop

Period Sound Art

Blind Spots

Bible Stories

These were mostly made to teach myself how to use recording devices and sound editing programs. But I feel very strongly about the second piece. I used an avatar voice engine to translate several poems I wrote about the annunciation into arabic. What a crazy story that needs to be re-told! Real talk! The next step to this project will involve feeding the translations back into the engine using another language, eventually looping back to english to see how the story/sounds change over time. I like thinking of the trillions of layers of translation that saturate nearly every story/myth humans hold onto. Every single word/image we hold sacred/attach meaning/believe to be true is just a translation of another word/image. This spiral baffles me. Even sound and color are translated!! It makes me crazy to think about.