Nora Toomey has big dreams for poetry. She is most interested in creating multi-textual, audio, visual, tactile spheres where her poems can live. She would love it more than anything if you visited them in there. Turns out you’re here! She will be happy. Also, congratulations, you are part of an experiment.  Look at us being brave, re-defining what it means to be a poet and what it means to be a poem. These are exciting times.

Cat Bones in the Flower Beds, is a surprise and a memory. Something strange and beautiful dug up in the garden. Nora will use Cat Bones as a kitchen table, an open window, a safe, sturdy place to experiment and process. Some of the  poems published in Cat Bones will be old poems, re-defined, carving out new meaning with color or sound. Some of the poems will be new, shaky legged, searching for solid ground to stand on. All of them, delighted, thankful, inspired to make the magic exchange, from one heart and brain, to another heart and brain.

Many thanks, and happy digging.